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Alban Berg
1885 - 1935

Atonality - Serialism - Expressionism 

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Austrian composer. He was largely self-taught musically until he met Arnold Schoenberg at age 19.


This would prove to be the decisive event in his life, and Schoenberg would remain his teacher for eight years. Under his influence, Berg's early late-Romantic tonal works gave way to increasing atonality and finally (1925) to 12-tone composition.


His Expressionist opera Wozzeck (1922) would become the most universally acclaimed post-Romantic opera.


His second opera, Lulu, on which he worked for six years, remained unfinished at his death. Berg's other works include two string quartets, including the Lyric Suite (1926); Three Pieces for Orchestra (1915); and a violin concerto (1935).

Sonata, Op.1
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Erkel Ferenc - Magyar Himnusz
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Lyric Suite - Allegretto - Gioviale
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