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Edgar Varèse
1883 – 1965

Chromatism - Modernism  

Déserts- 1st Episode
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Edgard Victor Achille Charles Varèse was a French-born composer who spent the greater part of his career in the United States.

Varèse's music emphasizes timbre and rhythm. He coined the term "organized sound" in reference to his own musical aesthetic. 


Varèse's conception of music reflected his vision of "sound as living matter" and of "musical space as open rather than bounded". He conceived the elements of his music in terms of "sound-masses", likening their organization to the natural phenomenon of crystallization.[


Varèse thought that "to stubbornly conditioned ears, anything new in music has always been called noise", and he posed the question, "what is music but organized noises?"


Varèse saw potential in using electronic media for sound production, and his use of new instruments and electronic resources led to his being known as the "Father of Electronic Music". 

Déserts- 2nd Episode
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Déserts- 3rd Episode
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Déserts - 4th Episode
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Déserts - 1st_Interpolation_of_Organised
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Déserts- 2nd Interpolation
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Déserts- 3rd Interpolation
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